Vinasetan Ratheil HOUNDJI Vinasetan Ratheil HOUNDJI
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Vinasetan Ratheil HOUNDJI

Ing., MSc., PhD.

Research interests: Artificial Intelligence, Constraint Programming, Machine Learning, Combinatorial Optimization.

Applied Research: Applied Augmented/Virtual Reality, E-Agriculture, E-Health, E-Education.


• Artificial Intelligence (since 2014)
    • Classical Search (uninformed, informed) [application with AIMA]
    • Adversarial Search [application with previous edition of MAIC since 2019]
    • Introduction to Constraint Programming [application with MiniCP / OscaR]
    • Introduction to Machine Learning [application with scikit-learn]
• Operations Research/Optimization (since 2015)
• Object-Oriented Design (since 2015)
• Unified Modeling Language - UML (since 2015)
• Object-Oriented Programming with Java (since 2017)
• Advanced Algorithms (since 2018)